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About P-TECH

Awarding students degrees and job opportunities.

New York State P-TECH is an integrated 9-14 model where students earn Associates degrees at no cost to them and are first in line for job opportunities with partner employers. P-TECH began in Brooklyn, New York, where the initial school opened in the Fall of 2011 and spread quickly to other states including Illinois and Connecticut. In 2013, New York State became the first state in the nation to bring P-TECH partnerships to scale by announcing a statewide competition to form public-private partnerships to prepare New York high school students for high-skill jobs in technology, manufacturing and healthcare. High schools, colleges, and business leaders worked together to launch sixteen NYS P-TECH schools in the Fall of 2014 where students graduate from high school and earn an Associates degree, free of charge, at the end of six years. At the end of the program, graduating students are first in line for job opportunities at the partnering business or industry. 

Today, there are over 300 P-TECH schools following the New York State model in 28 countries and 13 US states. An independent evaluation of P-TECH was completed by MDRC and released this year on the 7 P-TECH schools in NYC that partner with the City University of New York (CUNY) and it similarly revealed that despite serving an overwhelmingly low income population of students of color that had achievement challenges in grade 8, their completion of college courses was 30% more likely than similar students and they were far more likely to pass state Regents exams.  


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Focusing on underserved students, each student is afforded the opportunity to graduate with an Associates level degree in STEM, at no cost to the student’s family and will be first in line for a job with participating employers.

Skills mapping, a unique approach to curriculum design, assures collaboration with industry partners to identify labor market needs and align competencies and curricula to deliver 21st century talent.

Career readiness is infused into many academic and technical courses, providing opportunities for students to hone skills, create projects and address complex problems through multiple pathways. 

Industry partnerships are maintained to connect students with professional mentors, work-based learning, internships and future job opportunities.

The P-TECH Model

The P-TECH model is a 9-14 public education reform initiative that extends high school from four years to six years or grades 9-12 to grades 9-14

The P-TECH model is a public / private partnership that leverages the expertise of school districts, colleges and industry with state-level government support.

Upon graduating from P-TECH students earn BOTH a high school diploma AND a two-year postsecondary degree directly aligned to industry needs.

Collectively, the P-TECH partners enable students to successfully complete high school AND college coursework at the same time at no cost to the students.

P-TECH Partners enable students to participate in hands-on workplace experiences including workplace learning, mentoring, and paid internships that prepare them for entry level roles in STEM.

The model also creates a robust talent pipeline to support local economic development and growth and community support of public schools.

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